Protruded ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Phonetic Property
                        |_ Articulatory Property
                              |_ Supra Laryngeal Property
                                    |_ Place Property
                                          |_ Labial Property
                                                |_ Protruded


An articulatory characteristic resulting from protrusion of the lips, often resulting in the appearance of a small labial cavity forward of the teeth and bounded at the front by the inside surfaces of the lips. Often occurring with lip rounding, the protruded quality modifies the basic articulation by extending the length of the vocal tract and altering its cross-section, resulting in lowered frequencies on all formants. Back rounded vowels are commonly more protruded than front rounded vowels. [Brosnahan and Malmberg 1976: 43, 67; Clark, Yallop and Fletcher 2007: 26, 64]

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