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In Web Ontology Language, Thing is the superclass of all classes. The most basic concepts in a domain should correspond to classes that are the roots of various taxonomic trees. Every individual in the OWL world is a member of the class owl:Thing. Thus each user-defined class is implicitly a subclass of owl:Thing. Domain specific root classes are defined by simply declaring a named class. [Smith, Welty and McGuinness 2004]

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User Submitted Issues
Status: Pending gold:Thing different from owl:Thing
2011-01-17 08:40:57

I am unclear from the comments whether gold:Thing is meant to represent owl:Thing or a completely separate thing (as it currently does). With no distinction being made I'm wondering why the majority of the gold classes subclass gold:Thing while there are still some that subclass owl:Thing.

If there is an intentional distinction it should be made clear in the annotations. Otherwise either an owl:sameAs be added or better yet remove gold:Thing.