Supra Laryngeal Property ( Concept )

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            |_ Linguistic Property
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                        |_ Articulatory Property
                              |_ Supra Laryngeal Property

Direct SubConcepts:

PlaceProperty  NasalityProperty  MannerProperty  


The supralaryngeal node dominates the activity of all of the articulators except stiffening and slacking of the vocal folds. For consonants it can be viewed as the default node which comes into play when the supranasal node below it is deactivated. In the case of sounds produced by an articulator dominated by this node, the only possible segments are those which are traditionally classified as [-consonantal]. It is not necessary to specify manner features for sounds dominated by the supralaryngeal node, because they are redundantly determined. [Keyser and Stevens 1994: 216]

Usage Notes
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Divisions of the Supra-Laryngeal Property include place, manner, nasality, and laterality. [Ladefoged and Maddieson 1996: 370]



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