Retracted ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Phonetic Property
                        |_ Articulatory Property
                              |_ Supra Laryngeal Property
                                    |_ Place Property
                                          |_ Labial Property
                                                |_ Retracted


A term used in phonetics to refer to the backwards movement of an articulator, especially the back of the tongue towards the velum. Retracted sounds are heard in velarization, or the centralization of front vowels. The tongue root may also be retracted. [Crystal 2008: 398]

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User Submitted Issues
Status: Pending Wrong parent? - Anthony Aristar
2009-12-18 14:36:09

It is not clear whether Retracted is a LabialProperty. From the literature it does not appear to be. A different parent should be considered, e.g. MannerProperty.