Paucal Number ( Concept )

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A category of number denoting the concept 'a few', more than two and usually less than seven, but the exact number varies widely according to context. Prototypically, it refers to a class of three to five individuals and is always restricted to humans. [Hartmann and Stork 1972: 166; Corbett 2000: 23]

Usage Notes
2009-06-04 13:28:08

In languages which make a further distinction within this category, the values have been referred to as paucalNumber and greaterPaucalNumber.

On terminology: What some terminological systems might call 'quadral' should be classified in GOLD under paucalNumber or greaterPaucalNumber. A true quadral would be defined in GOLD as 'quantifying the denotation of the nominal element so that it specifies exactly four'; however, as a so-defined number value is unattested even amongst languages with a five-valued number category, 'quadral' is not defined as a separate value here and instead is subsumed under paucalNumber or greaterPaucalNumber [Corbett 2000: 30].

2010-06-30 10:24:14

Also referred to as Small Paucal Number.

(Corbett 2000: 27)

Language Code: bsw Paucal also known as 'lesser paucal' or 'small paucal' number refers to a few members of a specific class.
2009-06-04 13:28:08
I watched a few lions



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