Part Of Speech Property ( Concept )

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                  |_ Part Of Speech Property

Direct SubConcepts:

Predicator  Functor  Determiner  Noun  ProForm  Classifier  Particle  Quantifier  Expletive  Interjection  InterrogativeOperator  Modal  NegationOperator  Nominal  Participle  Prenoun  Preverb  Substantive  SyntacticArgument  


The property that identifies the grammatical class of a word. The main 'parts of speech' recognized by most school grammars derive from the work of the ancient Greek and Roman grammarians, primarily the noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction and interjection, with article, participle, and others often added. Because of the inexplicitness with which these terms were traditionally defined and the restricted nature of their definitions, it has become preferable to use such terms as word-class or form-class, where the grouping is based on formal criteria of a more universally applicable kind. [Crystal 1997: 280]

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