Orthographic Part ( Concept )

      |_ Object
            |_ Linguistic Expression
                  |_ Written Linguistic Expression
                        |_ Orthographic Part

Direct SubConcepts:

Glyph  Diacritic  Digraph  


An OrthographicPart is a unit of an orthography that is not orthographically independent, that is, not necessarily able to stand alone as an orthographic word set off by whitespace. In the printed instance of the word 'conceive', 'eive' is an instance of orthographic part. Note that an orthographic part is not the same as a single glyph, although, some orthographic parts are single glyphs.

Usage Notes


names Thing     This semiotic relation associates some OrthographicExpression with some Entity. It differs from 'labels' in that a name is usually considered part of the orthographic system, where a label is not.

User Submitted Issues
Status: Pending Needs better definition - Anthony Aristar
2010-01-29 10:47:53

This concept needs a better definition which explains the term in a better way and also why the concept is necessary.