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In a direct/oblique system or in a nominative/oblique system, oblique case is the term for all roles not marked by the direct case or nominative case. In the phrase 'the oblique cases' it is used to refer to a set of cases excluding the nominative (occasionally the nominative or accusative). [Bauer 2004: 27]

Usage Notes
Submitted By: Amitabhvikram Dwivedi
2010-02-17 00:07:33

The suffixation process plays an important role in the formation of the oblique case. It functions as the object of post-position.
The essential condition for the oblique case is:

1) In an SOV language like Hindi when either a noun or pronoun followed by a post-position. The preceding NP is marked as the oblique case.

E.g. NP-suffix post-position

tum bure vicaro se dur raho
you.sg bad ideas from away live.imp
"You keep away from bad ideas."

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2009-06-04 13:28:08
Now their farm will not stay behind forever.

Haspelmath (1993:207)


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