Non Absolutive Antipassive Voice ( Concept )

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                              |_ Non Absolutive Antipassive Voice


An Antipassive in which the patient or logical object is not supressed, as is the case in the Absolutive Antipassive, but rather, is overtly downgraded. Some Mayanists distinguish between two types of Non Absolutive Antipassives: the Focus Antipassive and the Incorporating Antipassive. [Klaiman 1991: 232]

Usage Notes

Language Code: kek Examples in K'ekchi
2010-07-09 14:36:32

Focus Antipassive type of Non Absolutive Antipassive:
Eb li cuink x- e'- sic' -o -c r- e li cape
PL the man tense 3PL ABS pic ANTI aspect 3SG ERG DAT RN the coffee
'The man picked the coffee.'

Incorporating Passive type of Non Absolutive Antipassive:
X- e'- sic'- -o -c cape li cuink
tense 3PL ABS pick ANTI aspect coffee the men
'The men picked coffee'

Klaiman (1991: 232) from Berinstein (1985: 219)


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