Mood Property ( Concept )

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Direct SubConcepts:

DubitiveMood  EpistemicModality  IndicativeMood  IrrealisMood  OptativeMood  ProhibitiveMood  RealisMood  SubjunctiveMood  TimitiveMood  


MoodProperty is the class of properties that concern the grammatical encoding of mood of a proposition. Among the traditionally defined properties are Declarative, Imperative and Interrogative. This class of properties contains both attitude (e.g. optative, volitive, subjunctive) and speech-act (e.g. imperative, commissive) values.

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User Submitted Issues
Status: Pending Add Quotative somewhere here here?
2010-12-16 13:12:26

Do we need to include quotatives such as a logophor or logophoric verb?

In Shosone, this is glossed as:
"says, said; it is said, they say; call, name".

This concept might be related to quotatives, it might be a logophor or logophoric verb.

Quotative would be covered by the issue 'Second Hand Evidentiality' which means that it is already in GOLD:

Status: Pending More Mood Properties Needed?
2010-12-17 12:06:13

Since they are mentioned in the definition, should Declarative, Imperative and Interrogative be here as Moods also? Also, Volitive and Commissive?