Interrogative Force ( Concept )

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A term used in the grammatical classification of sentence types, and usually seen in contrast to declarative. It refers to verb forms or sentence/clause types typically used in the expression of questions, e.g. the inverted order of 'is he coming?' or the use of an interrogative word (or simple ‘interrogative’), often subclassified as interrogative adjectives (e.g. which), adverbs (e.g. why) and pronouns (e.g. who). [Crystal 2008: 245]

Usage Notes

Language Code: ygr These examples illustrate a reportedly binary, future/non-future tense system. Interlinear glosses are constructed here based on Haiman's discussion of verb stem alternations and their structures. Haiman reports that in Hua, Non-future tense is indicated by the lack of an auxiliary. This example is a Non-future tense with Interrogative Mood.
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Haiman (1980:47, 140-1)


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