Glottal Stricture Property ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Phonetic Property
                        |_ Articulatory Property
                              |_ Laryngeal Property
                                    |_ Glottal Stricture Property

Direct SubConcepts:

Creaky  ModalVoice  Close  Breathy  


The three phonation types are part of the five possible values of Glottal Stricture that are used by languages. Sounds can have the vocal cords tightly together, as in a glottal stop, or they can be far apart as in voiceless sounds, or they can have one of the three phonation types: breathy voice, modal voice and creaky voice. Although some phoneticians have shown how terms similar to these may be combinable from the phonetic point of view, the named terms form a set of phonologically mutually exclusive possibilities. These factors point to there being an ordered set of five possibilities: [voiceless], [breathy], [modal voice], [creaky] and [closed]. It is certainly appropriate to consider these glottal states as resulting from two physiological attributes of the vocal cords, their stiffness and their aperture. However from a linguistic point of view, the named values of the feature Glottal Stricture operate as a linearly ordered set of five mutually exclusive possibilities. [Ladefoged 1997: 607-608]

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