Feature Assignment System ( Concept )

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(The term 'assignment') was first used with respect to feature values by Corbett (1991) in his discussion of mechanisms for allotting nouns to different genders. Native speakers have the ability to ‘work out’ the gender of a noun, and models of this ability have been called ‘gender assignment systems’. So far, the concept of ‘assignment of a feature value’ has not been used outside gender. For some features, there may not be as much to say as for gender. However, using the concept of ‘assignment’ with respect to the values of all features is useful to be able to compare the features. Therefore, for this typology I have adopted the following definition: an assignment system is a set of rules that realise the value of a feature on an element. Note, however, that under this definition, a gender value is ‘assigned’ both to nouns, and to targets of agreement in gender with the noun. [Kibort 2008d: 8]

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data Structure Relation Thing     This subsumes all structuring relations used for LinguisticDataStructures. As a naming convention to distinguish relations in data structure from other relations, all names of dataStructuringRelations begin with 'has-'.

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