Distributive Numeral ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Part Of Speech Property
                        |_ Quantifier
                              |_ Numeral
                                    |_ Distributive Numeral


Most languages also have various series of numerals, whose denotations combine the concept of number with other concepts of a variety of different kinds. The meaning of sentences containing distributive numerals can be described in terms of a binary semantic relationship of distributivity that obtains between an expression containing the distributive numeral, the distributive share, and some other expression in the sentence, the distributive key. [Gill 2005: 222] Distributive numerals are special adnominal numerals that express distributive relations, as in German ‘Die Männer trugen je drei Koffer’, ‘The men carried three suitcases each.’ English lacks distributive numerals, because in a sentence like ‘They carried three suitcases each, the numeral does not form a continuous constituent with the distributive word ‘each’, i.e. ‘three…each’ does not qualify as a numeral. [Michaelis, Maurer, Haspelmath and Huber 2008]

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