Complex Specification ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Data Structure
                  |_ Feature Specification
                        |_ Complex Specification


A ComplexSpecification is a kind of FeatureSpecification whose value must be a FeatureStructure. This class gives a feature system its recursive properites [Maxwell, Simons and Hayashi 2000].

Usage Notes


data Structure Relation Thing     This subsumes all structuring relations used for LinguisticDataStructures. As a naming convention to distinguish relations in data structure from other relations, all names of dataStructuringRelations begin with 'has-'.
has Complex Value Feature Structure     This relates a ComplexSpecification to a FeatureStructure, thus giving a FeatureStructure its recursive properties.
has Feature Thing     This relates a FeatureSpecification to a type of LinguisticProperty.

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