Classifier ( Concept )

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                        |_ Classifier

Direct SubConcepts:

NominalClassifier  NounClassifier  NumeralClassifier  


In grammar, a morpheme whose function is to indicate the formal or semantic class to which items belong are sometimes called classifiers, e.g. -ly is an adverb classifier, -ess is a 'femininity' classifier. The marking of lexical items as belonging to the same semantic class is an important feature in many languages (e.g. Chinese, Vietnamese, Hopi), and sometimes quite unexpected bases of classification are found, in terms of shape, size, colour, movability, animacy, status and so on. [Crystal 2003: 74]

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User Submitted Issues
Status: Pending Types of classifiers missing - Anthony Aristar
2010-06-09 14:48:18

Aikhenvald not only lists Noun, Nominal and Numeral Classifiers, but also Verbal Classifiers, Locative & Deictic Classifiers and Classifiers in PossessiveConstructions. These types should be added as children of the concept Classifier.