Adverbializer ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Part Of Speech Property
                        |_ Functor
                              |_ Connective
                                    |_ Subordinating Connective
                                          |_ Adverbializer


An adverbializer is a subordinating connective that links a subordinate clause to a main clause, and indicates that the subordinate clause has an adverbial or interpropositional relation to the main clause, indicating purpose, condition, time, and location. [SIL International 2004]

Marks clauses as having some adverbial function, such as the expression of time, purpose, result, etc. In some languages, many of the words that serve as adverbializers also serve as prepositional or postpositional noun adjuncts. In some languages, an adverbializer in a subordinate clause may be optionally paired with another conjunction occurring in the main clause. There are also cases where an adverbializer in a subordinate clause is obligatorily paired with a conjunction in the main clause. [Schachter 1985: 51-52]

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