Non Absolutive Antipassive Voice ( Concept )

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                              |_ Non Absolutive Antipassive Voice


An Antipassive in which the P or logical object is overtly downgraded [Klaiman 1991: 232].

Usage Notes

Language Code: kek Examples in K'ekchi
2010-07-09 14:36:32

Focus Antipassive type of Non Absolutive Antipassive:
Eb li cuink x- e'- sic' -o -c r- e li cape
PL the man tense 3PL ABS pic ANTI aspect 3SG ERG DAT RN the coffee
'The man picked the coffee.'

Incorporating Passive type of Non Absolutive Antipassive:
X- e'- sic'- -o -c cape li cuink
tense 3PL ABS pick ANTI aspect coffee the men
'The men picked coffee'

Klaiman (1991: 232) from Berinstein (1985: 219)


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