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AbsolutiveAntipassiveVoice  ActiveVoice  AgentDeletionPassiveVoice  AntiCausativeVoice  AntiPassiveVoice  ApplicativeVoice  CausativeVoice  DeponentMiddleVoice  DirectVoice  FocusAntipassiveVoice  ImpersonalPassiveVoice  IncorporatingAntipassiveVoice  InverseVoice  LocativePassiveVoice  NecessitativePassiveVoice  NonAbsolutiveAntipassiveVoice  NonPromotionalInverseVoice  NucleonicMiddleVoice  ObliquePassiveVoice  PassiveVoice  PersonalPassiveVoice  PlainMiddleVoice  PragmaticInverseVoice  ProgressivePassiveVoice  PromotionalInverseVoice  ReciprocalMiddleVoice  ReferentialVoice  ReflexiveMiddleVoice  ReflexivePassiveVoice  SemanticInverseVoice  


VoiceProperty is the class of properties that concern the grammatical encoding of the relationship between the verb and the nominals in a subject-predicate configuration. It selects a grammatically prominent syntactic constituent--subject--from the underlying semantic functions. In accusative language, the basic strategy is to select an agent as a subject [Shibatani 1988, 3]. It can be said that all voice systems mark the affectedness/nonaffectedness of sentential subjects [Klaiman 1988, 30]. Voice is also known as diathesis [Klaiman 1991,323].

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