Morphosyntactic Property ( Concept )

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            |_ Linguistic Property
                  |_ Morphosyntactic Property

Direct SubConcepts:

CaseProperty  ModalityProperty  VoiceProperty  ForceProperty  GenderProperty  EvidentialityProperty  SizeProperty  NumberProperty  PersonProperty  PolarityProperty  EvaluativeProperty  


MorphosyntacticFeature is the class of linguistic features that govern the grammatical behavior of morphosyntactic units. E.g., two morphosyntactic units can agree according to shared morphosyntactic features. Morphosyntactic features are also called grammatical categories. This class is intended to represent only the formal aspects of morphosyntax; that is, there is no notional component. In a grammatical system, such features occur in contrast to one another other, and are typically expressed in the same fashion [Crystal 1985, 43-44; Hopper, P. 1992, 81; Bybee 1985, 191].

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