Interlinear Glossed Text ( Concept )

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Interlinear glossed text (IGT) is a linguistic data structure meant to display morphosyntactic structure: morphemes, morpheme boundaries, morpheme types (clitics, prefixes, reduplicated forms), morphosyntactic features/values and part of speech information. At a minimum, an instance of IGT includes a single line of source language followed by a translation line. Often, a second gloss line is included to show detailed morphosyntactic structure using both words and phrases from the target language and various labels, or 'grams', that indicate morphosyntactic features/values, etc. It is possible to include separate lines for the orthographic form, phonetic form, and phonological form. Standards for IGT include the Leipzig Glossing Rules.

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data Structure Relation Thing     This subsumes all structuring relations used for LinguisticDataStructures. As a naming convention to distinguish relations in data structure from other relations, all names of dataStructuringRelations begin with 'has-'.

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