Feature System ( Concept )

      |_ Abstract
            |_ Linguistic Data Structure
                  |_ Feature System


A 3-tuple: (1) a set of FeatureValues, (2) the particular FeatureAssignmentSystem according to which the values are assigned inherently to elements in the given language, and (3) the particular FeatureDistributionSystem according to which the values are determined contextually for elements in the given language. The class of grammatical opposition sets relevant for a specific domain (tense, aspect, number, etc.) in a given language.

Usage Notes


data Structure Relation Thing     This subsumes all structuring relations used for LinguisticDataStructures. As a naming convention to distinguish relations in data structure from other relations, all names of dataStructuringRelations begin with 'has-'.
has Constraint Feature Constraint     This relates a FeatureSystem to a FeatureContraint.

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